In March of 2013, the University of Louisville awarded Professor John I. Gilderbloom, the outstanding career achievement award for research at the in College of Arts and Sciences. This was followed by being nominated and selected by the President (September 2013) of the University of Louisville for the Distinguished Faculty Award, a campus wide award that recognizes “outstanding research” among the 2,236 faculty members including medicine, engineering, and sciences. This is the first time someone in the field of environmental studies, sustainability, or sociology has won this award. Dr. Gilderbloom’s award comes with a cash award and a large banner with his mug flown on a major street near the football stadium. Dr. Gilderbloom was recognized for his 40 peer reviewed publications (including several in Journal of Urban Affairs), 30 book chapters, eight authored or co-authored books or journals, and for his op-ed pieces in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today Magazine, Governing Magazine, American Banker, Courier Journal, and many other outlets. Dr. Gilderbloom has competed and won $4.4 million in government grants and half a million dollars from private foundations.

Dr. Gilderbloom is thankful to his many colleagues who nominated him (Professors Greg Squires, Richard Florida, Joe Feagin, Richard Appelbaum, Bill Bielby, Steve Koven, Carrie Donald, and David Simpson) and with his Ph..D. students who are changing the world. He also noted that while sometimes it has been bumpy, UofL’s Urban and Public Affairs has been an inspiring place to do teaching, research and community service. In addition, the Vice President for Development selected Dr. Gilderbloom to address 300 donors who have given between $100,000 to $20 million dollars, to “create a legacy of giving.” Among other things, this resulted in a $1 million graduate research fellowship ($25,000 a year) (from an anonymous donor) to work at the Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods and a speaker series with hopes to seek another match.