Interested in honing your skills in urban policy and governance? Hoping for a future in advocacy, organizing, government or non-profit management? Earn a 36 credit MS in Urban Policy and Leadership at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

The deadline for applications is March 15th.

Open house for prospective students on February 22nd at Hunter College. To RSVP go to,

The Master of Urban Policy and Leadership program prepares professionals to be leaders in communities, public agencies and non-profit organizations. Strong leaders are those who:

  • Have the capacity and skill to identify and assess assets and needs
  • Engage, empower and mobilize people and resources
  • Navigate complex policy processes and organizational systems
  • Craft actionable solutions for complex problems
  • Understand urban areas and the problems they face in our rapidly changing world

Through rigorous course work, active research, topical courses on urban policy, and applied experiences in the public and non-profit sectors, students learn to be:

  • Critical analysts of urban problems
  • Active participants in the design of innovative solutions (policies, programs and organizations)
  • Advocates for communities, organizations and issues
  • Agents of urban social justice

The MSUPL curriculum provides students with theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge to accomplish these things. With New York City as our laboratory, Hunter’s MSUPL students are able to get real world experience, build professional networks, and expand their horizons. To learn more contact Prof. Jill Simone Gross, Director (, Marisol Otero-Morales, Academic Program Coordinator (, or visit our web site