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Use them in class to provide context and spark discussion about crucial urban planning issues like gentrification, public housing, land trusts, and disadvantaged fathers. 

70 ACRES IN CHICAGO: CABRINI GREEN – A film chronicling the demolition of Cabrini-Green public housing and the difficult questions behind urban redevelopment and gentrification.

ARC OF JUSTICE – A film tracing the inspiring journey of New Communities, the first community land trust, and the struggle for racial and economic justice among Georgia’s African-Americans.

DADDY DON'T GO – Do the social systems of New York City help or hurt disadvantaged fathers? This film chronicles the lives of four men as they fight to defy the odds against them.

GAINING GROUND: BUILDING COMMUNITY ON DUDLEY STREET - A sequel to HOLDING GROUND, this film explores the innovative, grassroots organizing efforts of Boston’s Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative during The Great Recession.

MY BROOKLYN – This film demystifies gentrification by exposing the underlying policy and economic drivers behind urban change. 

STREETS OF DREAMS - Grassroots activists in communities of color use community land trusts to shape the future.  

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