55th International Making Cities Livable Conference on 
Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods 

May 14-18, 2018, The Shaw Center, Ottawa, Canada 


Paper proposals are invited from practitioners, scholars, and elected officials concerned with issues such as the following: 

Planning 10-Minute neighborhoods 
Land-use planning for new neighborhoods 
Re-shaping suburbia into healthy 10-minute neighborhoods 
Essential elements of 10-minute neighborhoods 
Restructuring suburbs: malls, multi-functional schools, mixed-use infill 
Transit-oriented, mixed-use development

The Healthy 10-Minute Neighborhood 
Active mobility, walkable, bikable streets, complete streets, etc 
Integrating public health and planning
Health impact assessment
How the built environment affects social life 
Health effects of nature - parks, gardens, rivers, incidental green 
Health impact of?air pollution, urban noise, light pollution; and mitigation strategies 

Generating Community in 10-Minute Neighborhoods 
Neighborhood plazas, sociable squares 
Reclaiming streets for people 
Child- and elder-friendly lifetime community
Form based coding to generate “Eyes on the Street”

The Ecologically Sustainable 10-Minute Neighborhood 
Fighting climate change by healthy urban design 
Combating food deserts, urban agriculture
Healthy green and blue urban ecosystems 

The Equitable 10-Minute Neighborhood 
Health equity planning
Inclusive and equitable communities, healing social segregation
Community participation/ Children and youth involvement