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The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) is an interdisciplinary professional association with over 700 individual, student and institutional members. UAA hosts an annual conference which is typically attended by between 700-900 urban scholars, researcher, and public service professionals in an urban center each spring. More info about UAA.

General Guidelines

UAA welcomes film submissions for review that examine a wide range of social and policy issues with an urban emphasis. If deemed appropriate for the UAA audience, UAA will invite the identified film representative(s) to screen the film at the upcoming conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Examples of previously screened films at UAA conferences:

  • Tested (by Curtis Chin)
  • Changing Face of Harlem (by Shawn Batey)
  • Andrew Young’s Making of Modern Atlanta (by Andrea Young)
  • Land of Opportunity (by Luisa Dantas)
  • Coming Home: The Dry Storm (by Michèle Stephenson)
  • Imagining Home (by Sue Arbuthnot and Richard Wilhelm)

Conference Screening Format

Duration: Screening session (this includes introduction, screening, and Q&A segment) is 85 minutes long

  • Introduction: Moderator introduces film and speakers (if any) at the beginning of the session (Duration: Not to exceed 5 minutes)
  • Screening: Film is shown (Duration: Not to exceed 60 minutes)
  • Questions and Answers (Q&A): Moderator manages Q&A segment (Duration: At least 15 minutes)

Conference Support

UAA will provide a conference registration waiver with access to conference sessions and meal/social events (a $480 minimum value) to the filmmaker, director, and/or producer. Note: Speakers/discussants are not waiver-eligible.

  • Audio/visual support (i.e. laptop, LCD projector, speakers) will also be provided

Important Dates

Deadline to submit film for review:  December 20, 2016

  • Review decision deadline: January 15, 2017
  • Date of conference film screening: Friday, April 21, 2017 (4:00pm - 5:25pm CDT)

Important Application Requirements

Individuals who may submit film for review: Film director, film producer, film marketing director (you must specify on submission form)

  • Film Review Submission Form: Link provided below
  • Link to full-length film: In the submission form, you must include a link and or instructions on how the full-length film can be reviewed online
  • Identify individual(s) to lead conference session screening and discussion
  • If a film is approved for screening at the UAA conference, the film representative must provide a DVD or flash drive that is compatible with UAA laptop equipment

Submit Film for Review

Deadline to submit film for review: December 20, 2016


Conference program-related questions:
On-site audio/visual and space-related questions:
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