Registration Guidelines

UAA Conference registration system is now open!

All registration payments are made online using one of the following credit cards: Discover, VISA, and MasterCard. There is a small service fee added to each transaction.

Conference Registration Deadlines

  • Early registration deadline (for presenters):
    December 12, 2016 (12 midnight Central Standard Time OR 5:00am GMT)
  • Late registration deadline (for presenters):
    February 13, 2017 (12 midnight Central Standard Time OR 5:00am GMT)
    After 12 midnight on February 13, registration will close for 72 hours to finalize the conference program. Conference presenters who fail to register by midnight will have their names removed from the program. This is a strictly enforced policy!
  • Attendees who are not presenting may register up to April 22, 2017

Payment Requirement for Presenters

ALL participants (faculty, students, practitioners) must pay the appropriate registration fees for their membership category.  (UAA membership is not required to register and participate. However, members do receive a registration discount.)  Individuals who submit proposals will be notified of the review decision on November 30, 2016. Persons listed on the official program must register and pay the relevant fees by February 13, 2017. Any person on the program who fails to register by February 13, 2017 will be removed from the program.

Session organizers should inform potential panelists that registration is required for all participants. Do not suggest that your panelists will be exempted from paying registration fees! Such statements can create frustration later on and lead to withdrawals when registration policies are enforced. Registration is completed online via the UAA website by credit card or institutional check (group registration only). See policy on institutional check payments below.

Policy on Institutional Check Payments (Group Payments Only)

Due to the dominant use of credit cards for registration payments, and the time costs associated with the processing of check payments, institutional check payments must be pre-approved by the UAA Executive Office. Check approvals will be restricted to payments covering 3 or more registrants. A processing fee of $75 per check will be added to each invoice paid by institutional check. Send your request for an invoice with the names of the intended registrants, to

Membership Status and Registration Rate

UAA members receive a discounted registration rate. To receive this discounted rate, you must hold a 2017 UAA membership at the time of registration. (Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year.) To avoid paying non-member registration rates, renew or join the UAA for 2017 before you register.

Non-presenting Attendees and Guests

Persons who are attending the conference (but who are not on the program) may register online or on-site up to April 22, 2017. For on-site registration (at our conference registration counter), we accept certified checks (i.e., cashier’s [bank] checks), traveler’s checks, or online credit card payments through the meeting registration website. Accompanying persons (guests) are not required to register. Guests may purchase individual tickets to meals, receptions, and tours.

Refund Policy

Conference Registration & Meal/Reception Tickets

Refund Deadline: March 1, 2017……………………..Last day to get refund minus applicable processing fee* listed below

March 2, 2017 and later…………………No refunds granted.

Due to financial commitments (e.g., guarantees of a certain number of meal servings, transportation contractual arrangements) that UAA must make in the weeks leading up to the conference, your fees are expended regardless of whether you attend or not. This is why we cannot refund your fees after a certain date.

*Applicable Processing Fees

  1. Conference Registration Refund - Your full registration payment minus $95 administrative processing fee
  2. Conference Meal/Reception Tickets Refund - Your full ticket payment minus 10% processing fee
  3. Any other changes to your registration or ticket purchases that involve an online transaction will be charged a 10% processing fee.


Mobile Study Tour Tickets

Refund Deadline: March 24, 2017……………………..Last day to get refund minus applicable processing fee* listed below

March 25, 2017 and later…………………No refunds granted.

*Applicable Processing Fees

  1. Tours Ticket Refund – Your full ticket payment minus 10% processing fee
  2. Any other changes to your ticket purchase that involve an online transaction will be charged a 10% processing fee.

Registration Questions?

Contact with any registration-related questions.