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TiREG – Tilburg Center for Regional Law and Governance & TIG - Tilburg Institute of Governance

June 21st – 23rd, 2018.


Call for Proposals

Extended deadline for paper proposals February 23rd, 2018

Cities and regions are facing a transition from industrial economy, society, city and government, to creative and knowledge-based ones. The mere lay-out of the city – in almost every respect - and its government are the results of past developments. Present policy issues, however, transgress territorial borders, which implies that addressing them requires innovative and adaptive cross-border co-operation. They also have to deal with the existing economic, societal, and physical context, while they - at the same time - necessitate smart approaches and smart solutions.

How can we understand - and assess - the relationships between ‘old’ and ‘new’ characteristics of cities and regions? Can ‘old’ strengths contribute to the emergence and developments of ‘new’ strengths? Are their relations adversary or supportive or do we rather need a destruction of old structures and a creation of new ones? What kind of transformations do we witness, what kind of transformations do we need, evolution or replacement? These and other intriguing questions are the topics of the 2018 EURA Conference.

The city of Tilburg – host to the conference – exemplifies the topic, as a former industrial city itself.

Paper proposals to no less than nine tracks are welcome! We aim at discussing hidden social, economic, ecological, geographical, spatial, and governmental strengths in order to solving urgent problems in cities and city-regions, and their relevance to those futures.