The Urban Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is proud to be the institutional home of the Urban Affairs Association, whose offices are located just down the hall from my own.

A pillar of our program is community engagement. This summer some urban studies faculty, elected officials, practitioners in the housing field, and community activists, met regularly to discuss the housing crisis in Milwaukee and to identify a set of concrete housing policies to advocate for as part of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Milwaukee, the 200 continuous nights of marches for open housing that took place in 1967-68.


Following these discussions, Urban Studies Programs hosted a Milwaukee Summit on Housing titled: Far from the American Dream: Milwaukee’s Fair and Affordable Housing Crisis, featuring several panelists selected to examine the different facets of this issue and novel programs happening here and in other cities: from organizations promoting home ownership and eviction defense to the launching of a “Housing-First” program at the county level that has been very successful in addressing homelessness. Our intent is to bring university research and expertise together with community perspectives to further our understanding of the nature of the housing crisis in a city like Milwaukee, and what programs and policies can best address this issue.

Webclips of the panel presentations and discussion can be viewed here:

Milwaukee Summit 2017

Joel Rast

Program Director