90 vacancies for Professors with a PhD and at least 2 years of proven academic experience; 3 vacancies for Architecture, Urbanism and Related Areas for the PPGAU/UFPB; Contract: up to 4 years;

Profile: Doctorate in Architecture, Urbanism and Related Areas;

Candidates should attend lectures; conduction, development and application in scientific research;

Salaries: US $3,220.00 to US $5,550.00
Applications: May 11-21, 2018

Federal University of Paraíba In Brazil

Phone: +55.83.32167559
E-mail: inter_caapg@prpg.ufpb.br
Webpage: http://www.prpg.ufpb.br/prpg

For more information: http://sigaa.ufpb.br/sigaa/public/programa/portal.jsf?id=1872