Date & Location
March 7-8, 2019
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA

This conference's objective is to advance empirical and conceptual thinking on comparative urban research across the Global North, South, and East. Over the past decade, the field of urban studies has become awash with calls for more explicit comparative research that adopts a global perspective. Post-colonial critiques of North American and Euro-centric urban conceptualizations have done much to problematize the purportedly ‘universal’ experiences of the Global North and bring ‘ordinary cities’ and subaltern urbanisms in the Global South to light. However, disputes around the portability of theory between different urban worlds and attempts to theorize the ‘complete urbanization of society’ appear to have reached a stand-off.

The conference will focus on three core prisms: Urban Development and Resiliency; Equity and Social Inclusion; and Sustainable Urban Environments. We welcome paper proposals on the challenges of global comparative urbanism from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds,

Interested authors should submit 500-600 words abstracts to by August 1, 2018. Papers will be selected based on their fit with the conference theme and sessions. Participants will be asked to submit a first draft of their papers by February 15, 2019.

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