The American Planning Association’s 2019 National Planning Conference Call for Proposals has been released. There is a new Academic and Professional Research track; let’s make it a success:

“How can research aimed at understanding and improving planning practice bring planning researchers and planning practitioners closer together? Whether conducted by scholars or practitioners, proposals in this track should include researchers and the planners who served as subjects of the research or who experimented with implementing the results of research.

We invite proposals that contain research seeking to better understand cities, imagine improved planning systems, re-interpret planning’s past, develop new planning approaches, or assess the impact of plans. We encourage proposals that provide for interaction between researchers and those impacted by research.”

Other new tracks this year are: Housing, Community and Economic Development; International, Comparative and Global Planning; and Small Town and Rural Planning.

Submission deadline is 25 June. The conference will be 13-16 April in San Francisco.

Bruce Stiftel
Georgia Tech