The purpose of the conference, in Cuba, is to share innovative research projects around the theme of universities transforming neighborhoods and empowering communities through community development and economic growth. The conference is the third annual gathering of the Rutgers Cuba Collaboration that has been supported through an MOU to engage in scholarly research and exchange in Community Development, the STEM fields, Arts and Humanities, Population Health, and Law and Immigration Policy.

Outcomes of the conference will be to:

(1) Strengthen the synergies in scholarly collaboration and dialogue to share new, innovative, and creative practices in reducing social inequalities, building local economies, and bolstering citizenship participation;

(2) Solidify the role of universities anchoring community development projects to rebuild and transform cities;

(3) Present and publish scholarly papers and a monograph on the following topics: the role of anchors in transforming community development, the Cuban economy, education, energy, agriculture, population health, technology, transportation, tourism, and housing;

(4) Break down the geographical isolation of Cuba’s presence in the Caribbean by academic exchanges of ideas, innovation, research and public discourse.

A conference program and applications are available at: