The Urban Affairs Association is seeking nominations for the UAA-SAGE Marilyn Gittell Activist Scholar Award to recognize urban activist scholarship. The award was established in 2011 to highlight the importance of field-based urban scholarship and promote the dissemination of work by activist urban scholars.

The award is designed to focus on the research of an individual who is, or has been engaged in field-based research in an urban context (anywhere in the world). The research would ideally incorporate direct engagement with local community-based organizations and/or local residents around a policy area of high importance.

Award Benefits
UAA provides a special award plaque, an honorarium of $1,000, conference registration waiver, and an invitation to the annual VIP dinner. A press release will be prepared announcing the winner. The award recipient will participate in a special session at the annual UAA conference to share her/his research, its findings and implications for practice and policy.

Nominations may be made online by any UAA member no later than November 29, 2019. To make a nomination, simply provide the name, institutional affiliation and email address of the individual you wish to nominate. Each nominee will be invited to submit their vitae and any supporting documentation of their community engagement. Previously nominated persons will be added to a pool of potential nominees for each subsequent year.

Please review the Activist Scholar award details to learn more about criteria, deadlines and nomination submission.