This special edition of the Journal of Urban Affairs is calling for contributions that examine the influence of social mix policies utilizing housing on communities in different countries and contexts. We welcome papers that examine social mix from all key stakeholders’ perspectives – residents, government and policy, social services and NGO perspectives. Specific topics could include social mix as a stated aim or social mix as a by-product of policies aimed at deconcentrating poverty. Contributions could include different scales of policy and program implementation, such as the estate or development, the neighborhood, the metropolitan area, region or national level. The focus can be on social mix through public housing redevelopment, private housing redevelopment, governmental redevelopment, non-profit redevelopment or some combination of multiple strategies.

Abstract deadline: March 31, 2020
Full first draft paper deadline: July 15, 2020

Please send your abstracts and first draft papers to the Special Issue editors:

Iris Levin (Swinburne University, Australia)
Anna Maria Santiago (Michigan State University, USA)
Kathy Arthurson (Flinders University, Australia)

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