De Montfort University

The Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) invites outstanding prospective PhD students to apply with us for a De Montfort University (DMU) Full PhD Bursary Scholarship. We welcome applications from students capable of developing innovative, interdisciplinary and internationally relevant research in any field related to cities, urban living and austerity. We particularly welcome proposals focusing on urban dimensions of austerity governance and resistance, urban labour movements, revitalising cities and racialised urban inequalities.

Applicants should submit a research proposal of up to 750 words to Dr Mercè Cortina Oriol, outlining the proposed project and its fit with CURA. The proposal should include:

– overview and research questions
– explanation of the intellectual positioning of the project and its originality
– likely research methodology and methods,
– What makes you want to study at CURA and your preferred supervisor(s)

The proposal should be submitted, with a CV, to Dr Mercè Cortina Oriol at by Monday 24th February. Once approved, students must submit a full application to by 9th March 2020. Further details and the application form can be accessed at

Please email me or call if you have any queries.

Dr Mercè Cortina Oriol