The faculty of the AFAS Department at Washington University will hold a conference on “Black 1968” in 2021. They invite scholars from across the disciplines to submit essays interpreting the turbulent events of the late 1968s from the perspective of their particular fields/ areas of expertise.

Topics like the civil rights movement, African liberation, the black power movement, freedom and Black liberation schools, and student activism will most likely appear in their collection, but the editors of Black 1968 also strongly welcome papers that explore the role of peoples of African descent in the larger events of the era like the student strikes, cold war controversies, liberation movements, and other key events of the period.  They also encourage submissions that use innovative and unconventional methodologies to better understand these complex global and local interactions.

Several publishers have already expressed an interest in publishing the best of these conference papers in an edited volume.

To respond, please send a one page paper proposal and CV to the address below by 15 January 2021.  The conference(s) to discuss these papers and select chapters for the book will most likely be held on Zoom in the late spring and/or early fall of 2021.

For more information, click here. The address to reply to the Call for Papers is