This HPD special issue is a unique opportunity to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary and methodological backgrounds to address the influence of gentrification on health. We welcome original research articles that grapple with the health consequences that stem from gentrification. The types of research questions could include understanding the scope of the problem: What health outcomes are gentrification related to? What gentrification mechanisms produce these outcomes? As well as understand resolutions – How can different policy interventions, such as affordable housing policies, target economically transitioning communities to address and potentially alleviate health-related inequities?

Submission Instructions:

Researchers are invited to submit brief abstracts to Housing Policy Debate by January 22, 2021 for inclusion in a special issue on housing stability with a focus on gentrification, housing, and health. Invitations for full papers will be sent out by February 15, 2021. The deadline for full papers will be August 2, 2021.

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