Journal of the American Planning Association CFP
Special Issue on “Anti-Racist Futures: Disrupting Racist Planning Practices in Workplaces, Institutions, and Communities”

Looking for papers that

  • examine urban planning’s exclusionary practices through historical perspectives insofar as they point toward a future outcome planners can work towards
  • explore movements within urban, community, and tribal planning practices to document ongoing work with Indigenous communities and governments
  • critically assess current local and regional plans and policies that utilize truth and reconciliation commissions or reparations to address racist, “race neutral,” or anti-racist policies
  • examine grassroots and community efforts that confront racism in planning and efforts to integrate this work within local, county, and regional agency plans and policies
  • explore movements to decolonize curricula and expertise in the planning academe and profession, institutionalize DEI within institutions, and anti-racism initiatives within the Planning Accreditation Board
  • evaluate anti-racist, decolonial practices and plans in planning workplaces, institutions, and communities, and
  • examine the underrepresentation and persistent discrimination of BIPOC and historically marginalized populations in planning workplaces, institutions, and communities to provide recommendations for more just and inclusive environments

Submit 1000 word abstract to April Jackson ( and Anaid Yerena ( ) by 6/1/21.