Dr. Meléndez is Co-PI on large Collaborative NSF Funded Grant

Dr. Meléndez, Assistant Professor of Planning at the University of Oregon is one of the co- principal investigators for a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research collaborative hub. The Cascadia Coastlines and People Hazards Research Hub (CoPe) will focus on advancing understanding of the risks of Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquakes and other chronic and acute geological hazards to coastal regions; and reducing disaster risk through comprehensive assessment, mitigation, and adaptation planning and policymaking. The CoPe hub is funded by a five-year NSF research grant just shy of $19 million.

The grant prioritizes working with BIPOC communities as central stakeholders who should be included in disaster and resilience planning. In that regard, Dr Meléndez is looking to hire two Graduate students (M.A.) with experience working with BIPOC communities. Any interested students need to be admitted to the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management.

Students who are interested in being apprentice and mentored in NSF research practices and networks should indicate on the Community and Regional Planning admission process and answer the extra question related to this position. For more information please review the following: https://uoregon-my.sharepoint.com/ or https://pppm.uoregon.edu/directory/profiles/all/jmelende

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