This issue conceptualizes sustainability as maximizing the positive impact and minimizing the negative impact of environmental, social, ethical, and economic undertakings. The aims of this Special Issue are (1) to provide practical, conceptual, and/or theoretical insights into the field of housing sustainability through different lenses—social, cultural, ethical, environmental, psychological, (2) to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable housing policies and practices; and (3) to expand and challenge the frontier of housing sustainability research by generating new knowledge, sharing innovative ideas, and identifying a new direction for future research.

Submissions should speak to one or more of the following themes:

  • Research of sustainable policies or practices in the field of housing;
  • Opportunities and challenges in sustainable housing design;
  • Housing sustainability policy, regulation, and governance;
  • Energy-efficient building standards and regulations;
  • Green production methods and technologies;
  • Housing and the environment;
  • Housing culture and sustainable consumption;
  • Sustainable housing lifestyles and practices;
  • Sustainability and millennials’ housing practices;
  • Sustainability and aging population’s housing trends

Editors: Anaid Yerena and Victoria Basolo Additional information and instructions on how to submit can be found in the Sustainability Journal’s website.

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