UAA Committee Volunteer Opportunity (Deadline: June 15, 2022 11:59pm CDT)

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As a UAA member, you can become more involved in the organization through service on UAA committees. This is also a good opportunity to build your record of professional service. 

Biennially, the Chair of the UAA Governing Board seeks volunteers to serve on a variety of committees. This year, UAA is seeking volunteers to serve on the following committees:

General Committees

  • Ad Hoc Committees – The topical focus of these committees varies;
    (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • Membership Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • Urban Studies Honor Society Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • International Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • Conference Policy Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • Public Education and Advocacy Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)
  • Fundraising Committee (Service: 2-year commitment)

Award Committees*

  • Activist Scholar Award Committee
  • Best Book in Urban Affairs Award Committee
  • Best Conference Paper Award Committee
  • Best Paper in the Journal of Urban Affairs Award Committee
  • Emerging Scholar Award Committee
  • Janet Smith Emerging Activist-Scholar Research Award

* Service on award committees involves work for a specific set of weeks only. Typically, committee work will begin in late fall through early February.

For descriptions of each award, visit the UAA Awards Webpage.

Volunteer Now!

If you would like to volunteer to serve on one or more of the committees listed above, please complete the UAA Committee Volunteer Sign-up Form  by June 15 (11:59pm CDT).

Important: You will be asked to provide a brief description of any prior experience or expertise you have that might be relevant to the work of your preferred committee(s).

Note: While we cannot guarantee that you will be selected for your preferred committee, every effort will be made to provide an alternative opportunity.

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