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We are excited about the upcoming conference and hope that you are too! In addition to making you aware of the upcoming submission deadline (Tuesday, November 1 @ 11:59 PM CDT), we wanted to draw your attention to a few things that you may not know about Nashville, as well as make you aware of the expanded selection of UAA professional development activities that will be offered at the conference.


Many people know Nashville for its live music scene, country music museums, and delicious southern food. Others may recognize its importance as a center of the U.S. 1960s sit-in protests led by African-American students Diane Nash and John Lewis (future Congressional rep). Strikingly, Nashville was the first major city to desegregate public facilities. Today’s Nashville is a dynamic mix of races and cultures, with longstanding elements of local progressive politics.

Did you also know that Nashville is home to. . . 

Professional Development

UAA is pleased to offer an expanded selection of professional development opportunities at the 2023 Nashville conference. 

Career Pathways

  • Pre-conference workshop: The Dissertation
  • Pre-conference workshop: Getting a Job
  • Special session: Speed Mentoring for Graduate Students
  • Special session: Finding Work-Life Balance
  • Pre-conference workshop: Economic Inclusion


  • Pre-conference workshop: Understanding by Design
  • Pre-conference workshop: Teaching First-Generation College Students
  • Special session: Teaching for Career Building
  • Colloquy: Teaching for Applied Fields & Community Engagement 


  • Pre-conference workshop: Publishing for Early Career Professionals (The Basics)
  • Special session: Publishing Fellows Informational Meeting
  • Breakfast Roundtable: Publishing-related topic TBD
  • Colloquy: Publishing-related topic TBD

Please see the Professional Development Opportunities page on the conference website for additional details, including dates, times, & application guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!

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