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World Urban Campaign membership

Academics and Researchers:

The World Urban Campaign is UN-Habitat’s advocacy network contributing to developing solutions and to take action in cities and communities in implementing the New Urban Agenda to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable Development Goals by 2030.   (   We encourage you to promote membership in the World Urban Campaign by your universities and research organizations.

Membership as a research or academic organization adds your institution’s voice to the urgency of the SDGs, gives you access to WUC channels for promoting your own SDG-related work (including proposing Urban Thinkers’ Campuses), gives you access to the most-timely information about UN-Habitat activities, and gives you a voice in WUC leadership elections and policy making.   Membership may be at the institutional level, college or faculty level, or school/departmental level.

To join your organization would sent a request letter to the WUC secretariat; a template is available here:    If you have questions, please contact:

Margarita Greene, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development (CEDEUS), Chile

Bruce Stiftel, Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN)

Co-chairs, World Urban Campaign, Researchers and Academia Partner Constituency Group

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