2013 Award for Best Article in the Journal of Urban Affairs (articles in 2012 volume)

May 5, 2013UAA Community News, UAA Conference

Award recipients:  “Ethics Matter: The Morality and Justice Principles of Elected City Officials & Impact of Urban Issues,” by Paul Schumacher (Univ. of Kansas) and Marisa Kelly (Ithaca College), Volume 34, Issue 3. Honorable Mention: “Listening Through White Ears: Cross-racial Dialogues as a Strategy to Address the Racial Effects of Gentrification,” by Emily Drew (Williamette … Read More

2013 Best Conference Paper Award (for a paper presented at 2012 UAA Conference)

May 5, 2013UAA Community News, UAA Conference

Award recipient(s): Michael Leo Owens (Emory Univ.) and Jacob Robert Brown (London School of Economics and Political Science)   Award committee assessment: In “Weakening Strong Black Political Empowerment: Implications from Atlanta’s 2009 Mayoral Election”, Owens and Brown have made a powerful and nuanced contribution to our understandings of black empowerment and the factors potentially eroding … Read More

2013 Best Book Award

May 5, 2013UAA Community News, UAA Conference

Award recipient(s): Rachel Woldoff (West Virginia Univ.) Award committee assessment: Rachael Woldoff’s White Flight/Black Flight makes an important contribution to the field’s understanding of neighborhood transformation. Her ethnographic approach, with more than 90 expansive personal interviews conducted over three years, gives voice to neighborhood residents—elderly whites, pioneer blacks, and second-wave black arrivals. The result is … Read More

UAA Signs MOU with Sun Yat Sen University (Guangzhou, China) as part of International Linkages Initiative

January 29, 2012UAA Community News

Sun Yat Sen University was the setting for the International Conference on Urban and Regional Development in the 21st Century and Lingnan Forum held in Guangzhou, China, December 17-18, 2011. Among the participants were a number of scholars familiar to UAAers including Jill Gross, Hank Savitch, Michael Timberlake, Christian Lefevre, David K. Hamilton, Catherine Ross, Robin … Read More

Mary Helen Callahan, former UAA Executive Director

January 18, 2012UAA Community News

The UAA Executive Office learned today (January 18) that former UAA Executive Director, Mary Helen Callahan, has entered hospice care as she continues a long battle with cancer. Notes of support and UAA memories can be sent to her at: Mary Helen Callahan 303 Beverly Road Newark, DE 19711