Gregory D. Squires (George Washington University) Received the Robert & Helen Lynd Lifetime Achievement Award from the Community and Urban Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association

January 7, 2012UAA Community News

Gregory D. Squires (Department of Sociology and Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University).  Professor Squires received the Robert and Helen Lynd Lifetime Achievement Award from the Community and Urban Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association.

Todd Swanstrom (Univ of Missouri-St. Louis) Co-edited Book “Justice and the American Metropolis”

January 7, 2012UAA Community News

Todd Swanstrom (Department of Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis) recently co-edited (with Clarissa Hayward, Washington University in Saint Louis) Justice and the American Metropolis (University of Minnesota Press, 2011) Today’s American cities and suburbs are the sites of “thick injustice”—unjust power relations that are densely concentrated as well as opaque and seemingly intractable. Identifying … Read More

News from Cleveland State University

January 6, 2012UAA Community News

Kathryn W. Hexter, Edward W. Hill, Brian A. Mikelbank, Benjamin Y. Clark, Charles Post (Center for Community Planning and Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University). The authors have a new report, Revitalizing Distressed Older Suburbs, available on the Urban Institute’s what Works web site. The report focuses on the suburbs … Read More

News from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

January 6, 2012UAA Community News

Eric Zeemering (Department of Public Policy, UMBC). Dr. Zeemering has received a research award from the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Through this grant Dr. Zeemering and colleague Daryl Delabbio will develop, “A County Manager’s Guide to Local Government Service Collaboration.” The IBM Center’s goal for the highly competitive award is “to help … Read More

Fritz Wagner (University of Washington) Co-edits New Book on Livable Communities

January 3, 2012UAA Community News

Fritz Wagner (Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington).  Professor Wagner has co-edited a new book on livable communities along with San Diego State University professor Roger Caves.  Community Livability: Issues and Approaches to Sustaining the Well-Being of People and Communities (Routledge, 2012) explores what is meant by the term “livable communities” through the examination … Read More

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Urban Studies Program Announces Achievements of Recent Graduates

December 27, 2011UAA Community News

The Urban Studies PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee announces the following achievements of our doctoral students and recent graduates: Dr. Kimberly (Stephenson) Triplett accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Urban Studies in the College of Public Service & Urban Affairs at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Karen W. Moore accepted … Read More

The Latest Research from the National League of Cities’ Center for Research and Innovation

December 27, 2011UAA Community News

The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities.  NLC’s Center for Research & Innovation develops research and practical strategies for city leaders so that they can accomplish this goal.  The Center strives to strengthen communities, transform and improve cities, and assist city leaders, by knowing and learning about … Read More