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2 Key Participation Rules

UAA seeks to maximize opportunities to potential participants at the conference. To promote this goal, the following rules have been established:

One Session Rule

  • Each conference participant is limited to participation in ONE session.
  • Three exceptions to the one session rule:
    1. Moderating Your Session: A panel/colloquy presenter may also serve as the moderator for her/his panel session.
    2. Serving in a UAA-Sponsored Session: Persons invited to serve in a UAA-sponsored session, may also participate in an additional session.
    3. Participating in a Breakfast Roundtable (BRT) discussion or poster session.

Registration Rule

  • All accepted participant must register and pay the associated fees to have her/his name listed in the final program.
  • Participants who fail to register by the registration deadline will not be included in the conference program. Please also note that a preliminary conference program will not be created for the 2020 conference. Only accepted presenters who have registered by the established registration deadline will be included in the official conference program.

Important Policies

UAA membership

  • You do not have to be a member of UAA to submit a proposal. However, members receive discounted registration rates.


  • There is no limit to the number of papers/posters for which you may be listed as a co-author. However, you cannot submit more than one abstract or proposal.
  • The individual who will present that paper must submit the paper abstract. The UAA Office will communicate with the proposed presenter by email to schedule the presentation.
  • Each year about 900-1000 papers are submitted to the UAA conference. More than half of those papers have three or more co-authors. UAA does not have the staff resources to establish and maintain communications with each co-author. This would require communications with thousands of individuals. It is the responsibility of the person who is listed as the presenter to communicate with the UAA Office. If the presenter changes to a different co-author, the original presenter is required to notify the UAA Office.

Moderating a Session

  • UAA moderators are not discussants. Moderators introduce presenters and manage the time. UAA sessions are structured to allow 15-20 minutes of OPEN discussion.
  • Due to potential scheduling conflicts, individuals serving as moderators cannot participate in another presentation session (i.e., poster, panel, or colloquy).
  • Moderators may present a paper or be a speaker in the session that they are moderating.

Presentation Scheduling Policy

  • Formal conference sessions begin Thursday morning and end on Saturday by noon.
  • Individual presenters cannot be guaranteed a specific presentation time slot within those days. Changes in presentation schedules can occur due to late withdrawals. Presenters should therefore check the final program for late changes.
  • If a presenter is unable to attend his/her assigned session as it appears in the final program, he/she may be required to withdraw from the program.

Session Cancellation Policy

  • Each panel or colloquy session must have a minimum of 3 registered paper presenters or speakers to remain on the conference program.
  • UAA reserves the right to cancel sessions if there is not a sufficient number of presenters/speakers registered by the Final Registration deadline. We will relocate any papers that are affected by session cancellations.

Registration Waiver Policy

  • Registration waivers are given ONLY to plenary/invited speakers, award winners, workshop facilitators, conference committee members, and to local community-based practitioners who are scheduled as presenters on the conference program.  No other category of participant is eligible for a waiver.
  • We recognize that some prospective attendees have financial constraints. We do care, but UAA has limited resources as a nonprofit organization.

Refund Policy

RefundDeadline Info
RegistrationFeb 1, 2020Last day to get refund minus $125 admin processing fee

Exception: A 10% administrative fee will be applied to all local and student registrations.
Meal/Reception Tickets March 1, 2020Last day to get refund minus 10% processing fee
Mobile Study TourMarch 1, 2020Last day to get refund minus 10% processing fee

Due to financial commitments (e.g., guarantees of a certain number of meal servings, transportation contractual arrangements) that UAA must make in the weeks leading up to the conference, your fees are expended regardless of whether you attend or not. This is why we cannot refund your fees after a certain date.