Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City (JRE) is dedicated to advancing our collective knowledge about how race and ethnicity shape our cities and neighborhoods and inform our urban experiences on a global scale, and, in turn, how urbanization contributes to the social construction of race and ethnicity. JRE explicitly focuses on race, ethnicity, and other vectors of identity in an urban context, addressing the enduring and increasing conflicts related to these topics in modern urbanized societies. The journal provides a venue for scholars, irrespective of discipline, to contribute to the resolution of these societal challenges through consistent discourse, and development of new ideas and understandings of racial and ethnic dynamics.

JRE welcomes articles from all disciplines and interdisciplinary fields that encompass urban studies across the globe. These include, but are not limited to: urban planning, geography, political science, sociology, anthropology, social work, education, Asian studies, Asian-American studies, African studies, African-American studies, European studies, Latinx studies, Latin American studies, Native American studies, Middle Eastern studies, urban economics, urban management, public administration, public health, and many other disciplines/fields with an urban focus or subarea.

We welcome manuscripts that engage with critical urban and race theory, as well as qualitative and quantitative empirical studies. We particularly value community-engaged scholarship. The journal also welcomes submissions that examine race and ethnicity in urban contexts utilizing humanities frameworks. JRE seeks articles that engage with social justice in all its different dimensions and intersectionalities. Articles published in this journal contribute to advancements in public policy, as well as urban/social theory. The space created by the journal is aimed at advancing global discourse on race, ethnicity, and the city, with the hope that it will help us analyze what we observe, what our analyses teach us, and where we go from here.

Publisher: Routledge

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