Resources for Members

  • Online Teaching Resources
    Access videos, tips, tools, examples and guidelines to improved student engagement and success in online learning environments. Access past webinar on online teaching strategies. Learn from UAA’s institutional members’ universities and colleges.
  • Research Pivoting Resources
    Learn about research adjustment strategies to navigate the unexpected (e.g., a pandemic, funding cuts, new job, relocation). Access past webinar on research pivoting strategies.
  • Career Navigation for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Professionals and Students
     BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) career professionals and students: Learn about strategies and research advice for career advancement. Access past webinar on career advancement strategies.
  • Journal and Book Publishing
    Selecting journals; Preparing manuscripts; Using reviewer comments; Communicating with editors; Understanding the publisher’s production process; Selecting a publisher; developing a book proposal; writing strategies; royalties; promotion/marketing; book reviews. Access two (2) webinars on book publishing and two (2) webinars on journal publishing.
  • Engaged/Applied/Activist/Advocacy Scholarship
    View recorded webinar on doing research that advocates and/or directly addresses a policy issue; bridging the gap between academia and public/policy debates; activism within and outside academia. Access past webinar on activist/engaged academics.

How to Access Resources:

View webinars, presentation slides, and recommended resources from webinar speakers on the above topics by logging into the UAA membership portal for access link. You must be a current UAA member to gain access to resources.

2021 UAA Symposium: Confronting COVID, Racial Injustice, and Economic Inequality

View session recordings of the 2021 spring symposium:

Session 1: Global Perspectives on COVID: Urban Communities and Inequalities
Session 2: Populism and the Prospects for a New Urban Policy Agenda
Session 3: Racial Justice and Cities
Session 5: Open Discussion on film: A Reckoning in Boston

How to Access Spring Symposium Recordings:

  • Symposium registrants get FREE access
    • All registrants were sent access information. If you are unable to locate email, you may contact for assistance.
  • Did not register for the symposium?

Future Opportunities (2021-2022 academic year):

  • Intensive: Publishing and Research Methods (Summer 2022)
    Part I: Publishing Intensive (How to publish from start to finish)
    Part II: Comparative/international Research Strategies
    Part III: Qualitative/Ethnographic Research Methods
    Part IV: Funding
  • Intensive: Teaching Effectiveness (Summer 2022)
    How to design and conduct courses for maximum student engagement and learning success; Graduate vs. undergraduate teaching; Teaching about diversity, racial justice and marginalization

See Opportunities Calendar for dates and deadlines.

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