Prentiss Dantlzer

Riley Scholar / Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Colorado College

The Urban Affairs Association creates an environment in which scholars and practitioners can come together to inspire agents of social change. The mentorship, professional development and educational opportunities are unparalleled as junior and senior faculty members engage in a diverse array of intentional activities designed to foster meaningful scholarship and action within the field of urban affairs.
Opportunities such as the Journal of Urban Affairs Scholar Development Program and the Graduate Student Workshops instill a sense of belonging and intentionality in training the next generation of urban scholars. Other milestones such as the plethora of UAA awards showcase a community of scholars and activists that illustrate exceptional work that transcends disciplines. Having served as a student and then panelist in the Graduate Student Workshops, I know firsthand how UAA has supported me to become an outlier – one who critically sees the world for what it is and who dreams of and works for what it could be.