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For more than 50 years, the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) has relied on the commitment, intellect, and energy of its service leaders. Without these contributions, UAA would not have developed into the strong and dynamic organization it is today, and the field of urban studies would lack its current breadth and richness. In 2013, the Urban Affairs Association created the UAA Distinguished Service Honor Roll to recognize its most impactful service leaders who have contributed outstanding service over the years to the association.

Selection Guidelines
Recognition of Inductees
Past Inductees

The UAA initiated its Distinguished Service Honor Roll to recognize individuals who have given of their time and energy to the organization through multiple years of service.

In 2013, the UAA inducted 71 persons into the Honor Roll for service records that fell within the period of 1970 to 1999.  A second cohort of 13 inductees was selected in 2014 for service occurring within the 1970—2005 time period.  In 2014, the UAA Board approved the selection committee’s recommendation that new inductees be identified every 5 years starting with 2019-2020.  Therefore, it is expected that new inductees will be inducted in the following years:

2020—for service between 1970 and 2015
2025—for service between 1970 and 2020
2030—for service between 1970 and 2025, etc.

Selection Guidelines

The guidelines for selecting new inductees for the Distinguished Service Honor Roll have evolved through the work of two previous Ad Hoc Committees in 2012 and 2013.  The basis for selecting new inductees is the official service record of UAA members. The UAA Executive Office has established a list of service activities for UAA members who have served in major roles within the organization.

Major service roles include activities within:

  • UAA Governing Board
  • Editorial Board
  • Editorial Team
  • Conference Program Committee
  • Conference Local Host Committee
  • Workshops
  • Standing Committees (i.e., Finance, Publications, Membership, Bylaws, International, and Nominations)
  • Award committees,
  • Continuing Ad hoc committees (i.e., Personnel, Conference Policy, Public Education and
  • Advocacy, Fundraising, Honor Society)
  • UAA management

Persons selected should have at least 10 years of service within the organization. Although not required, preference should be given to persons who have played multiple roles. There is no limit on the number of inductees that may be selected for each cohort.

Recognition of Inductees

The UAA Executive Office will send an official induction notice to each person selected by the Recognitions Committee.  The formal induction will take place during the UAA annual conference.  Each inductee will receive a conference registration waiver and a special plaque. The name of each inductee will be added to the official Distinguished Service Honor Roll maintained on the UAA website.


The award recipient receives:

  • A special award plaque
  • A complimentary conference registration waiver (including meals + receptions) valued at $500+ USD
  • Permanent listing on the UAA Honor Roll
Past Inductees
First Name Last Name Affiliation Induction Year
Carolyn Adams Temple University 2013
Jane Altes Southern Illinois University 2013
David Ames University of Delaware 2013
Caroline Andrew University of Ottawa 2021
Alan Artibise University of British Columbia 2014
William Barnes National League of Cities 2013
Edith Barrett University of Connecticut 2021
Robert Barrett Mankato State University 2013
Victoria Basolo University of California Irvine 2021
Deidre Beadle Urban Affairs Association 2020
Robert Beauregard Columbia University 2013
Jane Brooks University of New Orleans 2013
C. Harold Brown University of Delaware 2013
Nevin Brown Nat’l. Association of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges 2013
Raymond Burby University of New Orleans 2013
Mary Helen Callahan (d) University of Delaware 2013
Roger Caves San Diego State University 2013
Susan Clarke University of Colorado at Boulder 2013
Henry Cohen The New School for Social Research 2013
Richard Cole University of Texas-Arlington 2013
Scott Cummings University of Louisville, Saint Louis University 2013
Jonathan Davies De Montfort University 2021
James DeFilippis Rutgers University 2021
Sabina Deitrick University of Pittsburgh 2020
Sheldon Edner Portland State University 2013
Patricia Edwards Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2013
Homer Favor (d) Morgan State University 2014
Eugene Feinblatt Johns Hopkins University 2013
Barbara Ferman Temple University 2013
Patricia Florestano University of Maryland 2013
Frances Frisken York University 2013
George Galster Wayne State University 2014
Judith Garber University of Alberta 2013
David Garrison Cleveland State University 2013
Rachel Garshick Kleit Ohio State University 2021
Karen Gibson Portland State University 2021
John R. Gist Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2013
Peter Gluck University of Michigan-Flint 2013
Edward G. Goetz University of Minnesota 2020
Jill Simone Gross Hunter College of the City University of New York 2020
Bertram Gross (d) Wayne State University 2013
Robin Hambleton University of Illinois at Chicago 2013
Ned (Edward) Hill Cleveland State University 2013
Peter Homenuck York University 2013
Jonathan Howes University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 2013
Yong Hyo Cho University of Akron 2013
David Imbroscio University of Louisville 2021
Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore California Polytechnic State University 2021
Louise Jezierski Michigan State University 2021
Knowlton Johnson University of Louisville 2013
Roy J. Jones Howard University 2013
Dennis (William) Keating Cleveland State University 2014
Nancy Kleniewski Bridgewater State University 2013
Paul Knox Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2013
C. Theodore Koebel University of Louisville 2013
Marvel Lang Michigan State University 2013
Mickey Lauria Clemson University, University of New Orleans 2014
Peter Leahy University of Akron 2013
Judith Martin (d) University of Minnesota 2013
Mary Ellen Mazey Wright State University 2013
Ali Modarres University of Washington Tacoma 2014
Susan Morris The New School for Social Research 2013
Lyndon Musolf Portland State University 2013
Marla Nelson University of New Orleans 2021
Harvey Newman Georgia State University 2013
Kathe Newman Rutgers University 2021
Donald Norris University of Maryland Baltimore County 2013
Marion Orr Brown University, Duke University 2013
Edward S. Overman (d) The University of Texas at Arlington 2013
Michael Leo Owens Emory University 2020
Donald Phares (d) University of Missouri-St. Louis 2013
Claire Poitras Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) 2021
Mel Powell California State University-Long Beach 2013
Gordana Rabrenovic Northeastern University 2021
Earl Reeves University of Tulsa 2013
William Rohe University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill 2020
Mark Rosentraub Cleveland State University 2013
Bernard Ross American University 2013
Hank Savitch University of Louisville 2013
Louise Simmons University of Connecticut 2021
Janet Smith University of Illinois at Chicago 2014
Sue Marx Smock Wayne State University 2013
Daphne Spain University of Virginia 2014
Gregory Squires George Washington University 2020
Clarence Stone University of Maryland College Park 2014
Elizabeth Strom University of South Florida 2014
Jocelyn Taliaferro North Carolina State University 2021
Henry Taylor SUNY University at Buffalo 2014
Ralph Thayer University of New Orleans 2014
John Clayton Thomas University of Missouri-Kansas City 2013
Shelvia Tillinghast Urban Affairs Association 2020
Nohad Toulan Portland State University 2013
Toni-Michelle Travis George Mason University 2013
Jon Van Til Rutgers University – Camden 2013
Avis Vidal Wayne State University 2013
Fritz Wagner University of New Orleans 2013
Stacy Warren Eastern Washington University 2014
Robert Waste California State University, Sacramento 2013
George Wendel (d) Saint Louis University 2013
Robert Whelan University of New Orleans 2013
Wim Wiewel University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Baltimore 2013
Margaret Wilder University of Delaware, Cornell University 2013
Hal Wolman University of Maryland Baltimore County 2013
Sherman Wyman University of Texas at Arlington 2013
Beverly Yanich Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2013
Alma Young (d) Wayne State University 2013
Richard Zody (d) Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2013