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October 14, 2022
October 21, 2022

Date & time: Friday, October 14 @ 12 – 1:30pm (ET)
UAA webinar series:  Career Pathways

Register by: October 10, 2022 https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/e9AJeVhrZ15 

Coordinators: Maria Martinez-Cosio, The University of Texas at Arlington; Kathe Newman, Rutgers – State University of New Jersey

Webinar Description: During this interactive webinar, mentors will help participants understand their mentoring goals/needs through the use of a mentor map, which participants can call upon as their career advances. Participants will be taught how to identify various mentors and establish mentoring relationships depending on their career path. Each mentor in the webinar will share their retrospective/current mentor map and explain how, when, and why it developed as it did, as well as share what worked and what did not, and why. Participants will be invited to comment on their initial thoughts, concerns, steps to be taken, etc., in building their own mentor map.


Date & time: Friday, October 21 @ 12 – 1:30pm (ET)
UAA webinar series:  Teaching Academy

Register by: October 17, 2022  https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/XJdmg0dRo09fbePaYW7Nv1b0C

Coordinators: Anaid Yerena, University of Washington Tacoma; Li “Kerry” Fang, Florida State University

Webinar Description: How can one teach a community-engaged course in an ethical manner from both the student and community partner’s perspective? In this webinar, we will hear from community-engaged scholars who will share their approaches to designing and creating ethical community-engaged experiences for both students and partners. Applied scholarship and community-engaged teaching is an excellent example of how faculty, students and community partners come together to co-create and advance knowledge. However, as any collaborative process, different participants and stakeholders have different interests and perspectives. How does an instructor navigate such a process to make sure the class benefits both the students and the communities? This can be a challenge. The webinar will end with an opportunity for participants to ask questions and wonderings about community-engaged teaching and learning.

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