Rights to the City Book Series

Series Concept, Aim & Scope

Rights to the City is the distinctive organizing theme of an exciting new book series sponsored by the Urban Affairs Association and published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis).

The term ‘rights’ acknowledges the plurality, contestability and ambiguity of a complex concept embracing multiple claims and varied evidentiary bases providing complementary perspectives to Henri Lefebvre’s original philosophical focus on the right to the city. Building beyond Lefebvre’s perspective, and in dialogue with many other theorists, urbanists today challenge neoliberal assumptions by asking, who the city is for?, who claims the city and why?

Through this series, we invite manuscripts that cast new light on these questions in relation to persistent and emerging inequalities and rights. The series seeks work that provides concrete examples of how substantive rights are defined, acquired and sustained by groups, and the institutions that represent them. An explicit goal of the series is to highlight work that examines how cities and city-regions can be shaped to yield equitable and sustainable rights, learn from each other, and contribute to enhancing such rights on local, national and global stages. 

Published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis), the series will feature empirical and theoretical analyses as well as alternative modalities, conceptualizations, and case studies of urban life. Accessible to scholars, teachers, practitioners, activists, students, and general audiences, the series will highlight work focused on six main themes: 

  • governance and policy
  • equity, diversity, inclusion
  • global (in)equalities
  • activism and urban potentialities
  • sustainability, resilience and adaptation 
  • comparative urbanism

Book Series Editorship

Call for Proposals

Editorship proposals are due May 8, 2023.

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