(Based on articles from the Volume year of 2013)

2014 Best <em>Journal of Urban Affairs</em> Article Award Winner, Timothy Haney (Mount Royal Univ)
2014 Best Journal of Urban Affairs Article Award Winner, Timothy Haney (Mount Royal Univ)

Award Recipient

Timothy J. Haney (Mount Royal University)

Award Committee Assessment

There were many worthy contenders, but the research question, methodology, writing and execution of “Off to Market: Neighborhood and Individual Employment Barriers for Women in 21st Century American Cities” made it a winner across multiple categories. The implications of the research are important across disciplines, and the question of how the constructs of gender, place, and support networks come together to affect employment opportunities was elegantly examined. The article also offers some fundamental insights into how neighborhoods and individual characteristics interplay in ways that can have serious policy implications, and thus makes the work both timely and relevant.

Award Committee

Chair Bernadette Hanlon (Ohio State University); Jill L. Tao (Incheon National University); William Holt (Birmingham-Southern College); Margaret Cowell (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University); Renia Ehrenfeucht (University New Orleans)

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