2014 Contribution to the Field of Urban Affairs Award

Clarence Stone (Left) Receives The Contribution To The Field Of Urban Affairs Award From Michael Leo Owens (Emory Univ)
Clarence Stone (George Washington Univ) receives the Contribution to the Field of Urban Affairs Award from Michael Leo Owens (Emory Univ)

Award Recipient

Clarence Stone (George Washington University)

Award Committee Assessment

Clarence Stone’s work is truly foundational. Virtually everyone in urban political science and in urban studies is at least acquainted with his writing on urban regimes.

With regard to teaching, Clarence Stone has been a much loved mentor to several generations of scholars in the field and has been the major professor for many students who entered the field of urban politics beginning in the 1970s, continuing to this day. Thus, the cumulative impact of Clarence Stone’s work will last well into the future for the development of the field of Urban Affairs, particularly in urban politics.

Award Committee

Chair Louise Simmons (University of Connecticut); Carolyn Adams (Temple University); Greg Andranovich (California State University, Los Angeles); Alex Schwartz (The New School); Phil Nyden (Loyola University Chicago)

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