2015 Alma H. Young Emerging Scholar Award

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2015 Uaa Alma H Young Emerging Scholar Award Recipient, Amy Khare (Univ Of Chicago)
2015 UAA Alma H Young Emerging Scholar Award Recipient, Amy Khare (Univ of Chicago)

Award Recipient

Amy Khare (University of Chicago)

Award Committee Assessment

For the 2015 Alma H. Young Emerging Scholar Award, the Committee recommends Amy Turnbull Khare at the University of Chicago. Ms. Khare is a doctoral candidate in the Ph.D. Program in the School of Social Service Administration, and she is completing a dissertation entitled “Privatization in the Midst of Recession: The Evolution of Chicago’s Mixed-Income Public Housing Policy Reform” (under Dr. Robert J. Chaskin (chair)).

Since 2012, Ms. Khare has been a Research Associate at The Urban Institute, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center. She holds an MSW and a BA from the School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas. For more than a decade, before advanced graduate studies in the PhD program, Ms. Khare worked in community organizing, homeless housing services, and mixed-income housing resident services. Amy’s application clearly conveyed her long-term commitment to addressing issues of urban poverty and inequality. These issues were the focus of her professional life well before she took up her doctoral studies. So her research benefits not just from her sharp mind, but from the combination of experience and concern she brings to her subject. Her passion will help to make her a leader in the field.

Already, Amy has an outstanding track record of scholarship, including three peer-reviewed articles for which she is the lead author, three other publications in the pipeline, plans to transform her dissertation into a book, and 20 conference presentations. This speaks strongly to her potential to contribute significantly to research and understanding in urban affairs across the course of her career. Amy Khare’s clear commitment to engaged scholarship establishes her within the tradition of the Alma Young legacy.

Award Committee

Chair Peter Burns (Loyola University); Kenya Covington (California State University – Northridge); Matthew Weber (University of Michigan)

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