UAA Virtual Panel: Want to Discuss Work/Life After Tenure? (Sign Up by 2/1/23)

Post-Tenure Career Planning Virtual Panel Discussion

In February, UAA is offering a new professional development opportunity for its members: a virtual panel discussion on “Post-Tenure Career Planning (for Mid-Advanced Career Professionals). Full details are provided below. Sign-up by February 1 to join the discussion!

Post-Tenure Career Planning (for Mid-Advanced Career Professionals)
Format: Virtual Panel Discussion
Date: February 17, 2023
Time: 12 noon – 1 pm EST

Description: Senior faculty professionals lead focused discussions on key topics followed by open Q&A period.

Moderators: Meagan Ehlenz (Arizona State University) and Mildred Warner (Cornell University)
Speakers: Lisa Bates (Portland State University); Andrew Rumbach (Texas A&M University); Andrew Greenlee (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Suzanne Lanyi Charles (Cornell University)


  1. Redefining your identity – voice, scholarship, career track (20 mins)
    • Finding your voice: Role in Dept politics, from about yourself to about the rest of the department
    • Career trajectory -> Scholarship or Admin?
      • Scholarship – can shift toward more risky stuff, publishing across disciplines, doing more community engaged scholarship
      • Administration – team and grants management (PhD students, post docs), departmental management, becoming a Dean (mentoring for this)
  2. Protecting your time (20 mins)
    • Learning to say No: You spent the Asst Prof years looking for opportunities to say yes, now need to know when to strategically say No. Associate Profs get loaded with admin work.
    • Work Life Balance – differences by gender, sexuality, family status.  Life transitions – elderly parents, kids leaving home, caregiving time for children, parents, partner, self, etc.
    • Mentoring and Management  Mentoring from above, mentoring from below

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