Book Review Editor(s) for the Journal of Urban Affairs

Job title: Book Review Editor(s) for the Journal of Urban Affairs
Hiring institution: Urban Affairs Association
Location: Remote Position, Wisconsin | United States
Application deadline: 07/01/2024

The Urban Affairs Association seeks a Book Review Editor(s) for the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA). Book reviews are important for several reasons. First, they offer a unique contribution to scholarly debate on urban topics, providing the opportunity for scholars and practitioners to offer new insights about a book and how its argument and research are situated in the larger literature on the topic. Second, readers of book reviews remain current on important urban topics and gain an understanding of different perspectives about these topics. Third, book reviews are a collective service to the academy and urban affairs community, amplifying the work of scholars and practitioners, providing academic authors a benchmark for promotion and tenure processes, and offering an outlet for engaged debate. We expect the Book Review Editor(s) to support the journal in its efforts to provide rigorous reviews of books that benefit our readers, authors, and reviewers.

Key Responsibilities:

As the Book Review Editor(s) for the journal, the successful candidate(s) will be responsible for:

  • Identifying relevant urban studies books for review and obtaining urban studies books for review from publishers.
  • Recruiting appropriate book reviewers and corresponding with them and the book publisher to provide reviewers with the book and with the necessary instructions about the book review process.
  • Ensuring a continuous and adequate stream of book reviews for the journal.
  • Editing and providing feedback on book reviews to ensure they meets the standards and guidelines for the journal. This includes offering book review authors guidance on all necessary revisions.
  • Maintaining records with all relevant information related to the book reviews and their stage in the production process.
  • Working closely with Taylor and Francis, the publisher of JUA, to complete each stage of the production process from submission to final review of proofs and any other details needed prior to final production.
  • Reporting to the Editor-in-Chief and the Urban Affairs Association Publications Committee on the status of book reviews and other information annually and when requested.

The Journal of Urban Affairs encourages the Book Review Editor(s) to try new and innovative approaches to the book review process and format. Examples include soliciting scholars or practitioners to write book review essays on a collection of books in their areas of expertise, utilizing the book review forum for a debate between authors and multiple reviewers, engaging the JUA readership beyond the traditional written book review format, and expanding beyond books to include documentaries, films, podcasts and other media. Other ideas for innovation are welcomed.

Application Content:

A formal proposal for the Book Review Editorship must include the following three documents:

  1. Statement of Interest (six (6) pages max): Interested persons should submit a substantive statement of interest in the JUA Book Review Editorship position that addresses the following:
    1. Evidence of editorial and publication experience (with journals, books)
    2. Experience that indicates your ability to provide effective editorial judgment and management of the book review process
    3. What past or current experiences demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively with authors, publishers, members of the JUA Editorial team, and UAA leadership
    4. Articulate your vision and any new ideas for the book review section of the journal and how you might implement these
    5. Describe your institution’s support for the Book Review Editor position
  2. Curriculum Vita
  3. A letter statement regarding institutional support (ideally from the head of the editor’s unit)

All three proposal elements described above should be sent electronically as attachments to an email addressed to Bernadette Hanlon, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Urban Affairs ( by July 1. Only proposals received by this date are guaranteed full consideration.

Terms of the Contract: The Book Editorship contract will be with the Urban Affairs Association. The term begins August 1, 2024 and ends June 30, 2029. The role of Book Review Editor typically requires an average of 5-10 hours per week of effort. Some past review editors have utilized departmental graduate assistants or clerical staff to support their work. All work by the Book Review Editor(s) may be done remotely. There is no requirement that the Book Review Editor(s) occupy a UAA office. The UAA Executive Office supports the Book Review Editor(s) by sending notices to publishers about published book reviews, and issues any calls for reviews.

Compensation: The Book Editor(s) will receive complimentary: UAA membership, annual conference registration, conference lodging (3 nights), and an annual reimbursement for conference travel/office supplies/wifi up to $1000 total.

Deadline for proposal submission: July 1, 2024

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