A/V Equipment

Each conference session room is equipped with a laptop, screen and LCD projector. If you wish to use PowerPoint for your presentation, please save your file to a portable USB flash drive. If you are building your slides on a Mac computer, please convert your file to Microsoft PowerPoint and save to your flash drive. We suggest that you prepare PowerPoint content in 4:3 format. To do this, click on “Design” on the top navigation bar in PowerPoint, then click “Select Slide Size” in the “Customize” group. Click “Standard” to select 4:3 formatting.

Traditional overhead and slide projectors are not provided.

We ask all presenters to avoid using their own computers for ease and efficiency in transitions between presenters in sessions. Delays in connecting computers reduce the amount of time for presentations and discussions.


Due to expensive fees charged by hotels for wi-fi in meeting spaces and sleeping rooms, internet access is provided only when a reasonable price can be negotiated. Please check with the UAA Registration Office to learn about internet access during each conference.

Pre-Presentation Set-Up

Presenters are encouraged to arrive a few minutes prior to their session in order to test their presentation. Audio-visual technical assistants will be on call to provide any necessary support.