Activities and Induction Ceremonies

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Induction Ceremony for New Members

A student who is enrolled in a university or college that have been officially awarded the designation of an Upsilon Sigma charter may become a member of Upsilon Sigma AFTER:

  1. Meeting the eligibility requirements as set forth by the Upsilon Sigma-approved Chapter Bylaws
  2. Submitting all documentations and fees required by the Chapter and Upsilon Sigma to the National Office
  3. Being formally inducted into Upsilon Sigma

Sample induction ceremony from a certified ACHS Honor Society – Sigma Tau Delta

Chapter Activities

Each chapter may engage in activities that promote the mission of Upsilon Sigma:

  1. Promote scholarly achievement, research, and encourage intellectual development
  2. Promote leadership and professional development
  3. Stimulate student and faculty dialogue to enrich the educational experience
  4. Encourage ethical and socially responsible behavior
  5. Encourage student engagement in activities that serve the public good and enhance the well-being of urban communities

Some activities that a chapter may engage include:

  1. Chapter Awards Banquet
  2. Faculty Appreciation Event
  3. Student Research Symposium
  4. Community Service Engagement

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