Functions of Faculty Advisors

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Each Upsilon Sigma chapter is overseen by a faculty advisor who provides general supervision of the Chapter. The faculty advisor serves as the liaison between the National Office and Chapter members and faculty. The faculty advisor is chosen from the teaching faculty and must formally accept the role and assigned responsibilities. Some primary responsibilities of the faculty advisor include:

  1. Coordinating local Chapter activities
  2. Fielding questions from prospective local student members
  3. Recruiting inductees who meet membership eligibility as laid out in the Chapter Bylaws
  4. Submitting name, contact information, and evidence of eligibility for each inductee to the National Office
  5. Collecting inductee fees and submitting to the National Office
  6. Coordinating the submission of payment of annual Chapter dues (i.e., UAA Institutional Membership dues)
  7. Preparing and submitting an annual report to the National Office
  8. Other responsibilities as laid out in the Chapter Bylaws