Continuation and Dissolution Policies

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Sample Chapter Bylaws Article IX


Section 1:  Active Status. A Chapter shall be active as long as all requirements outlined in the Constitution of Upsilon Sigma are met.

Section 2: Inactive Status. A chapter shall be inactive after not inducting new members for two consecutive years.

Section 3: Chapter Reactivation. An inactive chapter may request reactivation by completing the Chapter Reactivation Application Form. The Ad Hoc Committee of the UAA Honor Society will review the application and notify the chapter of its decision. If the application is approved, the chapter will be required to pay a reactivation fee before inducting new members.

Section 4: Dissolution of Chapter. A chapter may be dissolved upon recommendation by the Ad Hoc Committee on UAA Honor Society and a formal vote by the UAA Governing Board. Further, if a chapter fails to meet the financial and/or reporting responsibilities of Upsilon Sigma, the Chapter’s charter may be rescinded.

Assets remaining after providing for debts and obligations of the Chapter shall be distributed to the National Office of Upsilon Sigma.