Legal Responsibilities

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A chapter is an academic unit that has met all of the requirements for establishment and has been granted a charter in accordance with the Upsilon Sigma Constitution.

A chapter is an independent, autonomous constituent of Upsilon Sigma – The Urban Studies Honor Society. Each chapter shall function under bylaws, policies, and procedures which are not in conflict with the Upsilon Sigma Constitution. Simultaneously, chapters are affiliated with, hosted, and supported by their academic institution, and must operate within the institution’s policies established for campus-based organizations.

Upsilon Sigma provides bylaws and guidelines for developing chapters to meet minimum requirements. In addition to the minimum expectations, chapters are expected to:

  • Conduct their activities in a manner that is non-discriminatory based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationality, and ability;
  • Abide by their institution’s policies and approved practices; and,
  • Establish policies and procedures that are transparent, made public, and protect the due process rights of student members.

Upsilon Sigma is not legally responsible for the actions or consequences of actions committed by individual chapters, faculty advisors, advisory councils, and/or student members.  Each chapter of Upsilon Sigma assumes full financial responsibility for any expenses and/or debt obligations incurred in the operation of its activities.

Upsilon Sigma will engage in due diligence to enforce rules and policies that govern chapters as outlined in the Upsilon Sigma Constitution.